The following pictures are from a pool table move we did for a customer

Table Frame gets put into place, then the slates are put on top

A 9 foot slate is very heavy!

The slates are then waxed together

The cloth gets stretched and stapled

Marking the foot spot

Ta-Da! Just like that we can easily move your Pool Table!

The following pictures are from a recloth replacement and all new rail replacements done for a customer

As you can see the green felt is very old and stained!

First all the rails get taken off.....

Then the slate is lifted above the pool table....

The old felt then gets taken off

The Slate is 1" thick

The new felt then gets stretched and put on

The edges get sprayed with a special type of glue

The cloth gets stretched and pulled under to attach to the glue

The slate then gets lowered back into the table.

One side at a time that is!

The new rails are then put on.

All the new rails are then attached

Wow, it's a brand new table again!

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